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Campbell's mockery of Irish 'bordered on racism'

Racism? No. Plain old ignorance? Definitely. Though why anyone is shocked I don't know. It's a typical comment from the anti everything that isn't Protestant white heterosexual and male party (or, as they are better known, the DUP). Oh, and I'm a unionist - just not a unionist voter.

David Arnott

Very sensitive is Martin McGuinness in his old age. As for "Yoghurtgate", yawn. Move along.

Mark Olphert

Racism? Get a grip, politically-correct morons. It was a just boring attempt at humour.

Scott Davey

It's not racism. Irish isn't a race. The Irish language isn't a race. Playing the racism card when it's not racism devalues the term.

Thomas Brownlee

So, when we take a hand out of other languages, say the French, or the Swedes, is that racism? For goodness sake, there really is more to get hot and bothered about.

Gretta Gibson Brown

It was wrong, but racism is the wrong term. Both nations are of caucasoid origin, therefore race has nothing to do with it.

Phil Davidson

No matter how you look at it it's embarrassing on all fronts. Personally, I don't believe he was being racist. Ignorant, yes. Racist, no.

Gerard McFadden

Has this not gone far enough? It's not racism, it was an ill-advised attempt at humour, for which he should apologise.

David Harvey

Nobody gurns harder than republicans. World class at making a mountain out of a molehill.

Mel Brown

It looks like Martin is becoming a very delicate flower.

Rose Anna

Everyone needs to lighten up. I found it quite funny.

Alastair McCracken

So did I.

Triona Ni Nuallain-Dubhghaill

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