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Can anyone lift the economic gloom we face?

I write regarding your recent report about food banks mushrooming across Northern Ireland (News, October 10).

It is quite extraordinary, but not really surprising, to learn of this development. Northern Ireland seems to always have its hand out, but the handouts are never quite enough.

There is no manufacturing base, or sufficient income generated, to cover social care support.

Given the vast amount of money already wasted by the present administration at Stormont, it's no wonder social care funding cannot keep up with the recession.

If there were real jobs and industry leading to exports, there would be no need for these food banks.

Examples of money wasted in Northern Ireland are legion. Some £98m has already been wasted on commemorative historic failures, such as the Titanic; £7.5m is wasted on parade policing.

Translink announced that they are purchasing 145 new buses; now they say they have no funds in their budget to buy any more.

Is there no one competent and with sufficient gravitas in the Assembly, or the Northern Ireland Office, to plan an effective economic recovery strategy for Northern Ireland? We should be told.



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