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Can councillor McAllister tell us what she has done on the ground to help solve the Twaddell problem?

letter of the day: political games

No one can disagree with councillor Nuala McAllister that the policing costs of Twaddell are sickening and that the failure of unionist parties to provide leadership has contributed to the problem.

However, once again she demonstrates her ivory tower brand of politics, citing her monetary concerns rather than the violence, fear and daily disruption that residents have endured for several years and are still experiencing.

How can she suddenly be shocked at the rising bill? The policing costs and the unionist parties' position have been in the public domain for years. Where has she been?

How will asking unionists now to confirm an already-stated position move this problem forward?

Perhaps an election is the motivating factor here.

Rather than stating the obvious, maybe councillor McAllister can outline her involvement in the previous initiatives to resolve this problem.

It is universally accepted that dialogue is the only route to a solution. Could she please tell the North Belfast electorate the extent of her engagement with local community organisations, stating the number of meetings she has attended with Ardoyne and Twaddell residents, the number of submissions or representations she has made on their behalf to the Parades Commission, and the number of disputed parades she has observed and reported on?

I think I already know the answers.



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