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Candidate is well able to chart her own course

Orangeman (Write Back, March 29) merely serves to demonstrate the total vacuousness of the DUP's case to represent the people of South Belfast.

It is a strange definition of 'unionist unity' which sees you attack your own unionist colleagues.

The Conservative and Unionist candidate, Paula Bradshaw, needs no introduction to the streets of south Belfast, having worked there for nearly 20 years. During that time, she has represented traders, community groups and voluntary organisations, currently being responsible for working with the community on regeneration and community relations projects.

Orangeman knows that you carry maps for election campaigning to mark off the area you have completed and ensure no one overlaps.

His problem is that Paula Bradshaw and her team were actually out on the streets campaigning, while the DUP struggles even to come up with a candidate; and that Paula Bradshaw and her team actually have done the work on the ground to be serious electoral challengers, while the DUP can do nothing more than trawl through Facebook and make spurious claims in letters pages.

If Orangeman and his like were not concerned about the electoral challenge ahead, or were serious about 'unionist unity', they would not spend time attacking her.

There is more to representing the people of south Belfast than sitting in offices writing silly letters. The task is to deliver real change - not least in areas such as the Village and Sandy Row.



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