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Can't we just all agree on where we live?

When those of us who live here have to refer to the name of our wee place, only a few insist on using either 'Northern Ireland' or 'the north of Ireland'.

Most of us use one or the other with some reluctance, as we could be thought to be making a strong statement that is not our intention or causing some offence where we have no wish to.

Some very careful people always say 'Northern Ireland/the north of Ireland', which is very cumbersome, however politically correct it may be.

Should the great majority of us who care more about schools, hospitals, the economy and the environment than we do about 'ern' versus 'of' just start saying 'North Ireland'?

If it caught on perhaps we could make the change formally in 2013 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement?

It might be too much to suggest using 'Londerry', as well for the same reasons.


Saintfield, Co Down


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