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Car chaos in Moira

At school I was taught that roads are for cars and pavements are for people.

Unfortunately that is no longer the case in Moira. On Station Road, approaching the canal bridge, up to 30 cars park on the footpath every day forcing pedestrians to walk on the relatively narrow road which has a 60mph speed limit, hazard warning lines along its entire length from the motorway bridge and no street lighting.

Due to a lane of traffic travelling in each direction, pedestrians have nowhere to go and have to rely on approaching drivers giving way to them.

On a number of dark nights I have seen a woman getting off a train and pushing a child in a buggy along the road while at

the same time jockeying for position between cars.

I understand it is an offence to drive on a footpath or obstruct a footpath but when I reported the matter to police in October 2007 I didn’t even have the courtesy of a reply.

I know of others who have reported the matter to the police more recently and advised the Roads Service of all the broken flags on the footpath and yet nothing has been done about it.

Why does it take two or three deaths before the police can take half-an-hour and hand out a few fixed penalty tickets?

What do the police do all day now that the Troubles are over?|

If they care at all about road safety it is time the Chief Constable and the Policing Board made a determined effort to have all police officers back in uniform and undertaking proper policing duties.

Harassed pedestrian


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