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Caral Ni Chuilin: I'll cheer on Northern Ireland

A refreshing, honest interview. She didn't duck any questions.

Wicked Writah

The thing that I find most interesting about this is the pop quiz at the end. 4/10 on pretty simple questions. I realise that, ultimately, the minister is an administrator, but to know so little about recent events in the sports she is standing over isn't ideal. I'm not having a go at Caral Ni Chuilin in particular - after all, how many of our health ministers have had a medical background?


Most sensible person I've seen from Sinn Fein when it comes to the cultural aspect.


Good interview, minister. I will be happy to shake your hand if I see you at Windsor Park.


Her sports knowledge is better than her staff recruitment, assessment and job-appointment skills. Deal with the serious issue - not Windsor Park. Mary McArdle must go.


Ed Curran: Stop this airbrushing of history

Great article by Ed. Nail-on-the-head.


I never get the praise heaped on murderers from both sides for simply joining the rest of us in not bombing pensioners at Remembrance Day parades and not shooting people who follow a slightly different religion having a pre Halloween drink. Excellent article.

Big Chief Ally

Unfortunately, most of these murderers see themselves as freedom fighters akin to Nelson Mandela; they could do with reading and understanding the humility of that man and his remorse for his actions that brought his people forward to a shared future.