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Carbuncle of the Year award lacks credibility

Much has been publicised over the past few weeks about the three Belfast buildings which were nominated for Building Design newspaper's Carbuncle of the Year award.

Indeed, not long after the first publication of these nominations a local architect, Mark Hackett, endorsed these nominations in an article in The Belfast Telegraph.

I was, therefore, glad to read (News, August 13) that none of the nominations were selected for that 'coveted' prize.

I am puzzled as to why such media fuss was afforded to these nominations. As an architect, I don't afford any credibility to these annual awards where neither debate nor in-depth examination is facilitated.

It is, therefore, gratifying that in that context Building Design did not award one of the three the Carbuncle Cup.

Indeed, I believe that at least one, if not two, did not even achieve a short-listing.

Perhaps in future those critics will openly direct their comments to the authors of the pieces of architecture that cause them so much apparent displeasure, rather than denigrate Belfast and those who strive to rebuild the city - often at great economic risk - in the national public domain.


Hillsborough, Co Down


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