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Cardinal's take on Irish history is just absurd

New York's Cardinal Dolan has shown himself to be completely out of touch with history. Never bothering to read a book is unacceptable - albeit understandable - but not knowing the historical facts of years that he lived through is disappointing.

Demonstrating the comfort and privilege to speak such absurdity is insulting to Irish history and to people of all faiths.

I would like to see our cardinals and leaders of all faiths join the world in prioritising human rights and justice for Ireland, but that must start with a real understanding of what happened and listening to the voices of those who lived it and continue to suffer. Effecting change also requires a genuine desire to learn the history and facts.

If Cardinal Dolan wants to facilitate peace and justice for Ireland, I respectfully suggest he begin his re-education by familiarising himself with the lives and work of the late Ruairi O Bradaigh and Daithi O Conaill.

These two remarkable IRA members were able to sit down with members of the loyalist/unionist community and discuss the Irish-authored Eire Nua federal policy; an effort which resulted in all accepting Eire Nua as a genuine effort to address their concerns about being forced into a united Ireland. The rest is history.


New York

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