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Carly helps many find their voice

THOROUGHLY enjoyed reading your article 'Derry City of Culture song made pop star Carly Simon weep with delight' (News, December 31). However, your biographical profile of Carly sported a glaring omission.

There was no mention that the phenomenally successful singer identifies herself as a PWS (Person Who Stammers) and has lent her name and precious time to help children who stammer.

As a child stammerer, Carly found that singing helped her break free of her stammering. She is one of the most prominent names on the list of famous stammerers on the website of The Stuttering Foundation (www. stammeringhelp.org).

Other names include Londonderry-born cricket star Boyd Rankin, Winston Churchill and Marilyn Monroe. It is great that young people who stammer see these names as role models.

To say that Carly Simon is philanthropic is an understatement. She has given – and continues to give – hope and inspiration to young people who stammer.


Houston, Texas, USA

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