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Case of Coalition hypocrisy?

I am confused by the Coalition's attitude with regard to state and media intrusion into private affairs.

Nick Clegg claims that Labour is being pious in demanding that the Met be investigated for its handling of the News of the World phone-hacking case, but the Coalition is outraged by the apparent outing of William Hague and claim that the media have intruded into his privacy.

During the recent election campaign the Lib Dems promised to halt further intrusion by the state into our daily lives, but they appear to have backed the Tory proposal to weed out false benefit claimants by allowing credit-rating agencies to run checks into the personal data of every single person who applies for benefits, with the added encouragement of bounty payments. But the Coalition Government is filled with MPs who tried to block an FOI inquiry into their expenses.

It would appear therefore that the Coalition is only opposed to state and media intrusion into private affairs when it affects them; anyone else is fair game.

Julie Partridge, London SE10

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