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Catalan referendum created instability

I find the reaction of certain commentators to the present crisis in Catalonia absolutely incredible.

Politicians who advocate a united Ireland, who reject a "hard" border and a "soft" border and, in fact, want no border in this country, are now wanting to create a border in Spain.

The recent Catalan referendum was held in defiance of the Spanish constitution, a constitution which was approved by the overwhelming majority of people living in Catalonia.

A large proportion of the population of Catalonia is not Catalan: Spaniards are being made to feel like foreigners in their own country.

Catalonia has been part of Spain for centuries, but Catalans have managed to retain their own language and culture.

They also make a huge contribution to the wider Hispanic culture through the Spanish language.

Catalans are divided on the independence issue and the referendum has served only to bring instability and unrest.

The threat of secession is having disastrous consequences. Hundreds of companies, including two major banks, have withdrawn from Catalonia since October 1.

Catalan nationalist politicians, who failed to foresee an economic disaster, have shown their utter incompetence.

They rank along with our own myopic Brexiteers and the party-before-people absentees in Stormont.



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