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Catholic Church learned nothing from abuse row

We have heard much in the past week from the Catholic Church of the need to maintain the seal of silence of the confessional box.

After all the tribunals and the adverse public reaction as a result of their covering up of child abuse, they still don't get it.

They seemed to be cocooned from reality and don't realise that, to the vast majority of the public, this is seen as another abrogation of their moral and civic responsibility.

Of course it may be argued that it is unlikely that a murderer or paedophile may confess to murder, or abuse of children, to a priest during confession and that the whole debate about the confessional seal is hypothetical. But the response of the Church is to do nothing about these crimes and knowingly let them continue.

Breaking the seal of the confessional, or allowing abuse to continue: which is the greater sin?


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