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Catholic Church should pay for papal visit

I am dumbfounded by the decision made by the Government to spend £12m of taxpayers' money in part-funding the papal visit.

While they are busy making cuts to our essential services, they cannot possibly justify this insulting and irresponsible expense.

Only about 4.2m people in Britain are of the Catholic faith; it therefore seems absurdly unfair to force the entire population into paying for this event.

Even as an atheist, I appreciate and understand the importance of this visit to the Catholic community.

However, I am also aware that the Catholic Church is one of the wealthiest organisations on the planet, and feel very strongly that the entire expense should lie squarely with them.

Do David Cameron and his colleagues really expect us simply to foot the bill without asking a single question, when there is a clear issue of prioritising the whole country's expenditure?

I sincerely hope not.


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