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Causeway creationist exhibit is simply ridiculous

I was born and grew up in Northern Ireland. I have become accustomed to both the intricacies and delights of our social inadequacies when it comes to progress.

The opening of the visitors' centre at the Giant's Causeway is an opportunity to showcase that we are a progressive bunch who have the ability to acknowledge and exploit our unfortunate past in the name of moving on.

Religion was definitely one of the causes of our troubled past. Is it now trying to throw one last, embarrassed punch?

Yes, we built the Causeway Visitor Centre, albeit after 12 years, and it is a centre to showcase. That is, until one walks through the front doors and finds misinformation dressed up as fact. I am disappointed at the incompetence of the National Trust. Its inability to provide information in order to educate visitors on the world heritage site is abominable.

Mythology does play its part in the Causeway. Finn McCool's fight with Benandonner is an amazing story that grasps the imagination.

The parable that God built the entire universe in a week, with a day to spare, is equally spectacular. To offer scientific fact on the origins of the Causeway circa 60 million years ago adjacent to an acknowledgement of a disproven theory of a 6,000-year-old planet is ridiculous.

The real story of progress has been clouded by a minority causing embarrassment to the rest. But isn't that what living in Northern Ireland is all about?



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