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Causeway golf resort won't boost businesses

It's a pity some of your readers don't appreciate either the design of the new Giant's Causeway visitor centre or the rationale behind the National Trust's desire to preserve the natural landscape at the Giant's Causeway.

One of the arguments for the new Runkerry golf resort is economic, with it supposedly creating hundreds of jobs and attracting thousands of tourists. This argument is flawed.

The Irish Open played to a maximum crowd in Royal Portrush, but Portrush itself and the surrounding towns received little benefit from this sell-out competition. How will the new golf resort bring riches when the Irish Open couldn't?

As always, the economic arguments for development are routinely trotted out, promising riches and endless benefits for local people and businesses.

Many golf clubs in Ireland - and even sunnier locations, like Spain and Portugal - are currently struggling to attract and retain members.

Why build a golf resort, with a clubhouse, golf academy, floodlights, and other buildings including 75 houses, less than half-a-mile from the Giant's Causeway?

Preserving the natural landscape and habitat makes much better economic sense.

There is no harm in developing hotels in existing town centres, which are crying out for investment, and by improving the existing golf clubs for our visitors.

But leave our beautiful landscape as it is. Then you can appreciate the visitor centre in that context. Now that makes economic sense.


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