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Celebrating being gay brings shame on Belfast



Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

All of the noise and colour of this weekend's parade in Belfast cannot disguise the fact that the event is a celebration of immorality, bringing shame and disgrace to our capital city.

It seems very ironic that the symbol of the rainbow - originally put in place to show God's grace after His judgement on sin - has now been hijacked by those endorsing sin itself. "Pride goes before destruction..." (Proverbs 16 v18).

Many of us also have real concern that the PSNI will not merely be policing the parade, but reportedly participating in it.

It would surely be more appropriate for the PSNI to remain impartial in central Belfast on Saturday?

Many will again watch the parade with justifiable outrage, but many Christians will also watch with sadness, feeling real concern that homosexual people are being kept from forgiveness and new life in Christ by refusing to turn away from a sinful lifestyle.

All of us have a sinful orientation, for which we stand condemned before God. But because of the atoning death of Christ on the cross, cleansing is available by faith in Him alone. There is still time to exchange God's judgement for His grace.


Secretary, Caleb Foundation

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