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Chancellor's package will get economy growing

The Chancellor of the Exchequer's Autumn statement will help steer the UK through the debt crisis and get the economy growing again.

The Government's package offers a great deal for Northern Ireland, with extra money to spend on improving infrastructure, a range of tax-breaks for small and medium-sized businesses and much-needed relief for motorists.

George Osborne confirmed that the economic mess left by Labour is worse than anyone expected, but his statement should give everyone reason to be optimistic.

While the turmoil in eurozone countries goes from bad to worse, the Chancellor is able to forecast growth in the economy.

His Autumn statement offers a range of incentives to small businesses to invest in jobs and provides a major stimulus to the economy.

Here, we will receive our share of an extra £20bn earmarked to improve roads, bridges and other infrastructure projects. Businesses will find it easier to hire and fire staff, removing stifling bureaucracy hindering job creation and there will be 50% income tax relief for people who start a small business.

The news that a 3p-per-litre fuel duty increase, scheduled for January, will be axed will also be a massive tonic. We are particularly dependent on our cars in this part of the UK and the Chancellor has taken decisive action which will save the average family hundreds of pounds each year.


Chairman, Northern Ireland Conservatives


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