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Chances of Sinn Fein vote are Ruane-d

I lostened to Gerry Adams a few days ago, as he launched Sinn Fein's election campaign, and I was completely bored by the same old and dreary, grey-suited rhetoric from the Sinn Fein leader.

It is absolutely no wonder that people are talking about a new leader.

In some ways this election is a first for the people in our province.

We can now decide how to vote based upon what a party has achieved, and, when it comes to education, we know exactly what Sinn Fein has done.

It is no mistake that the person responsible for this disaster has a surname that sounds like 'ruin', because that is what she has done.

You might hug the bishops and make them laugh, Caitriona, but you have angered parents and grandparents like me.

When I stand in the voting booth, therefore, to decide between SDLP and Sinn Fein, take an educated guess which way people like me will vote.




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