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Change for the sake of it is not the solution

Alex Kane's opinion piece, "Why 'Vote Mike and you get Colum' is starting to sound like a good idea" (Comment, January 18), notes, "they obviously disagree on 'big ticket' issues, like legacy and the constitutional position". There's the rub. Because, without some fresh thinking in relation to these matters, we are not going to make progress.

In a matter of weeks, the flags will be out and parades started. We know that during the Haas Talks, Mike Nesbitt, confident of a deal, had to make a U-turn when the Orange wing of the party asserted its position.

Colum Eastwood has made a virtue of "out-greening" Sinn Fein in Opposition. How would he react to calls for greater balance on legacy issues, such as inquiries into Teebane, La Mon or Bloody Friday?

Will a meeting of minds be achieved on abortion issues, fatal foetal abnormality or same-sex marriage? Is there a set position on an Irish Language Act?

Voting for change must mean just that. We cannot go to a situation where we merely usher in a "mini-me" version of the larger parties.

The test of whether the UUP and the SDLP are worth voting for will be found in the bravery of their vision.

We have had our fill of fudge over the last 10 years. More of the same won't do.


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