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Changing diet is best response to abattoir footage

Once again, covert filming in a slaughterhouse reveals sickening abuse of animals by workers (DebateNI, February 6).

Slaughterhouses are brutal places for people to have to work in.

Slaughtermen are pressured to kill animals as quickly as possible, in order to maintain, or increase, "productivity".

No human being could do such a job without a level of desensitivity that destroys any sympathy for another creature, which then easily descends into wanton cruelty.

Every time undercover filming of slaughterhouses takes place, similar examples like this come to light.

Evidence of serious malpractice does not come easily.

Covert filming can be dangerous.

It is only worthwhile if more people are encouraged to change their diet - for humane, as well as for health, reasons.


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