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Charging pastor a total nonsense

The decision to prosecute Pastor James McConnell over his sermon on Islam is a waste of valuable public resources.

In the 1990s I was made aware of material being preached by Pastor McConnell in a series of sermons against the Catholic Church. What he said in those addresses was every bit as bad - if not worse - as his anti-Islam sermon.

I did not run complaining to the-then RUC. I challenged him - man to man - and we had a courteous, pleasant encounter.

I treasure the memory of that meeting at the Metropolitan Tabernacle. We did not agree, but we parted as friends.

The PPS should leave Pastor McConnell in peace and stop wasting the time of the police and the taxpayers' money.

We are told there is no money to maintain the roads and yet valuable assets are being employed on this nonsense.

There is absolutely no danger that Pastor McConnell - or anyone in his congregation - will engage in such violence. Leave Pastor McConnell in peace.

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