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Charity status means Praxis has responsibilities

The board of the Praxis organisation misses the point by saying (News, March 13) "business would pay far more" to employ their chief executive. The fact is that Praxis is not a business; it is a charity.

That status brings privileges not open to business. Charities do not pay rates, they get tax breaks, sources of non-repayable funding are open to them which are not available to business (eg Lottery and other grants)

Praxis say they "benchmark against similar organisations". This is patently untrue. Not only does their CEO earn significantly more than other charity CEOs; he earns almost as much (or more) than the CEOs running our health boards, water service and transport systems.

The most important of the benefits conferred by the title "charity" is that it brings, or should bring, a guarantee that both public funds and our hard-earned donated funds will be used responsibly.


Magheralin, Co Armagh

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