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Cheap energy needed to make UK 'Brexit-fit'

High energy prices are bad for industry and domestic consumers and are holding back the United Kingdom as a whole. The difficulties at Port Talbot and the closure of the Michelin factory in Ballymena are examples.

The culprit is premature decarbonisation and thus enforced energy shortages. There are also too many salesmen offering one the same energy when there needs to be more blue collar people in overalls working in actual UK-wide energy infrastructure both in expansion and maintenance.

The solution is to put closure of coal-fired stations into reverse, reopen a few coal mines and to increase nuclear power. Cheap and plentiful energy will be a spur to initiative and employment and Brexit makes it an imperative.

We all hope there won't be a hard border. However, by building up genuine UK-wide energy infrastructure in the here-and-now this will help offset hard border difficulties from the viewpoint of inward investors.

The Prime Minister and her Government need to understand that Brexit is not merely a negotiation, but also involves hard strategic UK-wide infrastructure to make the UK 'Brexit-fit'.


Pulborough, West Sussex


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