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Chief Constable must honour his vow over PIRA

The blatant murder of Kevin McGuigan confirmed that PIRA hadn't gone away. This came as no surprise to many of us. Recently Kenny Donaldson of Innocent Victims United wrote in the Belfast Telegraph how innocent victims of Sinn Fein/PIRA terror were denied funding for home heating by those who had made millions out of illicit oil laundering. This point may well have been missed or not understood by many.

What Kenny Donaldson was referring to was the millions made every year by those who are involved fuel laundering and other industrial scale racketeering.

The Chief Constable must now give the rest of us the same assurances that he gave to republicans at the West Belfast Festival and vow that he will rigorously investigate PIRA activity. He must diligently hunt down the killers of McGuigan and others and use NCA and Interpol to track down the dirty money made from racketeering.

Another Innocent Victim

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