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Chief constable rejects 'cannon fodder' claims

Calling black white will not change the fact that it is still black, Mr Baggott – no matter how many times you try to convince everyone. I watched the news. Police spat on, mocked and assaulted. If the top police won't even back their own officers, what chance do the general public have?

TJ McClean

This goes beyond recent flag protests. During any riot of the last number of years, the PSNI tactic has been one of containment only. This is obvious when you watch footage of kids openly kicking Land Rovers and stoning police lines. They know PSNI officers' hands are tied. It will be interesting to see what tactics will be deployed during the next two weeks.


Can Mr Baggott explain why his officers stood back and allowed roads to be blocked by Protestant flag protesters? Can he confirm that they will stand back and allow roads to be blocked by Catholic parade protesters?


Ultimately, the real problem is not that enough people are aware of the blatant double standard between the West and the rest of the world, but rather they do not have the ability to mount an effective opposition to this position. We are being trapped by a very cunning narrative which pits the 'democracy'-bringers against the 'extremists'. When these killers inevitably carry out some horrific act, it makes the Left look weak and deluded. This train of thought has been carried so far forward since 9/11 that any form of opposition to blatant neo-imperialism is seen as illogical and potentially treasonable.


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