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Childcare article 'was completely unbalanced'

Your columnist Fionola Meredith's article on childcare (Comment, March 27) was completely unfair, unbalanced and untrue.

It would have been fairer to offer two differing opinions, rather than the vile comments in Ms Meredith's article.

To state, as she does, that childcare workers are poorly qualified in that area is untrue. I have children in day nursery care and have found the workers there professional, health and safety-aware, kind, caring and affectionate.

They carry out many interesting activities with the children, including modelling, painting, reading and day trips – much more than I would ever do with them.

In return, my children have learnt excellent eating habits and socialising skills. They never get chocolate, crisps, or juice. They get healthy fruit and vegetables to eat and water to drink.

I don't think I should have spent 10 years in part-time further education, furthering my knowledge and skills, to suddenly decide that I'm Mother Earth and want to spend all my time in the home, not contributing to the economy in any way, through income tax or National Insurance, expecting others to subsidise me when I want my pension.

Ms Meredith might as well have said we shouldn't send our children to school, either, in case they suffer from lack of love there, too.


Templepatrick, Co Antrim

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