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Children in the womb must have the right to life

The Precious Life ad in the Belfast Telegraph (February 5) was criticised - anonymously - for the graphic language used (Write Back, February 9). The writer says that, even if true, the terms are brutal.

Does this writer want to be warned to turn off news reports of the brutal treatment of children through war child-trafficking? I notice that pro-abortion columnists have no hesitation in condemning pro-life MLAs in highly emotional terms.

I have pointed out that abortion of children up to full term is sanctioned under the 1967 Abortion Act. "Enlightened" England is held to be a safe refuge for women seeking abortion. But there the womb is no safe place for the unborn child.

The writer signs under Human Rights for All. Have the unborn children no right to the most basic right of all - the right to life?

Has the writer no compassion for them?


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