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Children leading by example in our libraries

How reassuring to read how well-used the libraries are - especially by children (News, February 5). Well done, Northern Ireland.

Ed Vaizey, the Libraries Minister, told a recent meeting of the Leadership for Libraries taskforce that securing £7.4m in the Budget to ensure every public library had wi-fi was a "notable achievement".

Last year's independent report noted that only 48% of libraries offer a way for visitors to get online using their own gadgets, rather than using library computers. But will the £7.4m come close to covering the costs?

Last year free public wi-fi was installed in 1,000 public buildings around the UK using £30m of the Government's £150m Super Connected Cities programme, as Vaizey should know since he announced the scheme.

Four libraries closing forever are in the London Borough of Harrow. One wonders what the late mayor, councillor Alan Hamlin, would have thought of this sad loss.

So, well done, Northern Ireland for such enlightening news with reference to our children's interest in reading at our libraries.


Newtownabbey, Co Antrim

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