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Choose an election candidate that will benefit you

People living in Northern Ireland deserve so much better than the polarising sectarian politics being rolled out by the DUP, UUP and Sinn Fein.

Elections to Westminster are designed to allow the electorate an opportunity to put their trust and faith in an individual candidate, or political party, of their choice.

Unfortunately, due to a combination of electoral pacts and openly-sectarian politics, the electorate are being coerced.

This claim of coercion can be substantiated by examining how the fears of the electorate are manipulated by certain political and community leaders.

The public is being led into a mindset where they are forced to ignore party policies and individual candidates principles.

Usually this is because they've been pushed to genuinely believe that the constitutional status of Northern Ireland is at stake in every single election; unionist voters are told that they must vote for a unionist candidate to ensure unionist representation at Westminster, or even sometimes that only one type of unionist candidate can help keep "them" (Sinn Fein) out.

I would urge the public in Northern Ireland to look carefully at the facts; note that Northern Ireland's position in the Union is secure and that you can use your vote on a candidate and party that espouses policies and values that will benefit you.

Choose a candidate, or party, that is going to look out for our economy, the health service, our jobs, equality, minority rights and education.



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