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Christian 'soldiers' are deserting God's army


Soldiers go to war believing in their cause as explained by their commanders-in-chief, preparing to give their all in battle - even if they end up dying to protect their cause.

The New Testament church followed Jesus's example, with the Apostles Peter and Paul being martyred for their faith in Rome, and Stephen being stoned to death in Jerusalem, praying for his murderers.

Christianity today is fighting for its existence around the world with two armies, one actively engaged in campaigns that have witnessed martyrdoms/executions for daring to be a Christian, bombings and imprisonment.

Yet, just as was the case in the early church, many in these persecuted nations are coming to Christ, finding salvation, miracles happening and the church growing - not declining, as is happening in the West.

However, the Second Christian army, based in the west, is facing mass desertions from its ranks, as its commanders, the leaders of the church, seem to have gone asleep, unable to rally their soldiers behind their cause.

The western church, rather than arming its soldiers, has sought to take away their weapons and defences by watering down the Christian message of John 3:16 and seeking to form alliances with those who defy openly God's messages concerning sexual sins, such as homosexuality, lesbianism, transvestism, adultery and fornication.

Add to this the church's silence on abortion and its inability to handle issues concerning gender (eg the future designation of a child's sex when it's born), and it's no wonder soldiers are deserting God's army, the church in the West.

Instead of lining up to do battle for God, we find sections of the army leaving the battlefield to join the enemy camp, turning up to support LGBT events and Pride marches, supporting same-sex marriage and advocating women's choice on abortion.

I make an open appeal to all Christian soldiers in this land of ours: re-arm, take to the field and get behind commanders who believe in the cause of the Gospel and biblical teachings.

The war against Christianity and its truths must be defended at all costs.


Adullam Christian Fellowship

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