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Christian teaching on Hell creates a moral problem

Alf McCreary (Review, July 31) is annoyed at clerics who preach about 'hellfire' at funerals.

He finds it "disgraceful and an affront to Christianity, especially as this message is usually preached badly and repetitively''.

The problem is not the location, but the doctrine of Hell itself.

What the Nazis did to the Jews is pale in comparison to God's eternal concentration camp. Hitler stopped the suffering, but God keeps it going forever.

Christianity preaches an absurd and immoral doctrine. It encourages us to love God with the threat of everlasting punishment.

What nonsense! How could anyone be happy in Heaven while millions are suffering forever in Hell? You'd need ice for blood.

No true moral teacher with a profound love for humanity would want his enemies tortured forever.


Dunmurry, Co Antrim