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Christians have right to oppose gay marriages

I wish to clarify for Dr Peter Wardlow my comments on the Ashers Bakery ruling, which he has queried (Write Back, June 1).

I should have made it clear that my opposition - along with many other Catholic and Protestant Christians - is in relation to the Equality Commission's espousal of the cause of same-sex marriage, which, as Christians faithful to the revealed will of God, will always oppose at every turn.

Faithful Christians of all traditions abhor racism, sectarianism and inequality. We are steadfastly against any form of discrimination against our brothers and sisters who are homosexual.

However, we must insist that marriage is between one male and one female, excluding all others, in an unbreakable bond, "as long as they both shall live".

The Equality Commission has thrown its weight behind an iniquitous attempt to force Christians to act contrary to their consciences.

No mere mortal judge has the authority to command Ashers Bakery to - in any shape or form - "support gay marriage".


Crossgar, Co Down

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