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Christians must vote with their conscience

On March 2, Northern Ireland will vote in an election that will affect the fate of many future unborn and the legal status of gay marriage in this country.

It is, therefore, necessary that Christians make their voice heard by bringing God's will to the ballot box.

There can be no doubt or complacency in regards to these issues for Christians. The Bible views a foetus as a life with a soul, not as a piece of property.

The Bible teaches that God cares immensely for the unborn, viewing their worth as equal to a grown man, or woman. He "knits" and "forms" the foetus in the womb (Psalm 139:13-16), while abortion, in some cases literally, rips a human life limb from limb.

God has also made it plain to us that marriage, a concept which he himself originally instituted and our society takes from scripture, should be between a man and a woman.

Any Christian in support of these issues despite what God has revealed needs to re-evaluate their faith. Should we trust in God's infallible word, or what society tells us is right and wrong at this moment? We must not allow our own misinformed views to have more authority over us than the Bible.

To support same-sex marriage and abortion while claiming to be a Christian is not having liberal views, but shameful thinking.

Of course, there is no call for Christians to be unloving, or inconsiderate, to homosexuals, or those who do not share our views. The Bible commands us to be compassionate and respectful to all.

However, it is not homophobic, or judgemental, to say that gay marriage and abortion are wrong; we simply need to convey what God has already told us.

Christians should vote with their conscience, remembering a vote for a pro-choice, or a pro-gay marriage candidate, is a vote in direct opposition to God.


Omagh, Co Tyrone

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