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Christmas is best time to teach our young ones how making a small sacrifice is for the overall good

letter of the day: season of goodwill

Christmas is coming and the pressure is on, with many families finding it increasingly difficult to meet the demands of children who have high expectations but, unfortunately, seem to believe that Christmas is more about receiving than giving.

In this consumer-driven society, it would appear the spirit of Christmas is slowly but surely being eroded.

Lead by example is always the best policy but, unfortunately, when Santa arrives, he gives much, but receives little in return - except, of course, his mince pie and carrot, which in the overall scale of things is a little unbalanced and sends out the wrong message.

This Christmas, the new message for all young children should be that, as the population of the world is getting so much bigger, Santa needs help and has asked that all children should leave out one of their old toys (not a broken one, but one that can be used), so Santa can pass it on to some other child who has little.

Charity shops are always grateful.

Most children understand the concept, but a little pain parting with a toy is allowed, as the message learned is a powerful one and insures you instil in your child the most precious Christmas gift of all: empathy and kindness.


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