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Christmas, not Greggs' sausage roll ad, the abomination

Predictably, many self-professed Christians were offended by Greggs' recent, tactless Christmas ad, which depicted a sausage roll lying in the manger in place of the baby Jesus.

However, the real abomination in the 'sausage roll saga' is Christmas itself. It is not even a Christian celebration - it is a pagan concoction, spawned from the debauched Roman festival of Saturnalia.

Also, for anyone who wants to take Christianity seriously, it is interesting to note that, as Jesus was not even born in December and the whole materialistic, festive farce is drenched in non-Christian paganism, this level of spiritual contamination is described in the Bible as being like excrement to God - infinitely more offensive than a warehouse full of misappropriated sausage rolls.

Christmas-celebrating 'Christians' may want to read Matthew 23:24, where Jesus condemns the "unclean" hypocrites who "strain out the gnat, but gulp down the camel", as in: "You remove the sausage roll, but gulp down the unclean pagan festival."


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