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Church dogma has only served to spread Aids

As he pontificates on the spread of Aids, Kevin Myers (Comment, September 24) appears to feel justified in equating the Catholic Church's moral guidelines opposing the distribution of condoms with the vital decriminalisation of homosexuality in the US.

The Aids epidemic is one chapter in a long and ongoing history of a minority community who dared to face bigotry head on and rise above it.

Sorry to burst your bubble, Mr Myers, but sexual relations between men did not begin with decriminalisation. They will always exist, and Aids is not a disease that affects gay men only - it also affects the heterosexual community.

This epidemic forced the world to open its eyes to the fact that the gay community were now also victims of a disease of catastrophic proportions.

Aids was an unexpected blow to gay liberation. However, the crisis invigorated the community politically to fight not only for a medical cure to the disease, but also for wider acceptance of homosexuality across the US and far beyond.

I would gladly follow Stephen Fry's moral guidance of a gay secular life over a church whose dogma has succeeded only in spreading this appalling disease.

N Moran



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