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Church power must be shared with women

I WAS talking to my Protestant neighbour. It is his opinion that the biggest problem for the Pope is the Curia; would they let him make changes that affected them?

I said I thought Francis was well able for the Curia; his biggest problem was the power of the papacy itself. After he has tamed the Curia, will he deliberately lessen the papacy?

The Papal Office makes the Church unbalanced. As Christ set up the Church at the beginning, Peter was chairman of the board.

Genuine collegiality is the answer. Here is my idea for real collegiality. If women cannot be priests, there is nothing to prevent them becoming bishops. Bishops are overseers by definition; they need not be ordained priests.

Cardinals need not be priests; the Church managed for a thousand years without cardinals.

The organisational exclusion of women from a full Christian life has been a long-standing heresy in practice, deliberately ignored by the men.


Co Fermanagh

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