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Church still fighting decline of humanity

Many people are asking the question, "What relevance is God in today's society?" Is God dead, or is it that God's representative, the church, has lost its voice and is nearly dead due to being infected by the killer disease of compromise.

God's laws and teachings within the Bible are not there to control humanity, but rather to put in place guidelines which if followed guarantee a society where the poor are protected, justice cannot be bought, marriage and family life is cherished, workforces are not exploited, hunger is frowned upon and unjust wars, murder, jealousy, envy and coveting are done away with, truth is upheld etc.

Today, however, our world has abandoned God and the Bible, preferring instead to follow its own teachings and wisdom where life-threatening symptoms such as murder are common place, crime is rampant, truth is despised, justice for the poor virtually non-existent, homelessness on the increase and family life attacked. Hunger has increased alongside wars and conflicts around the world.

Unfortunately, over the past 100 years, the churches have been contaminated by a deadly virus called compromise. However, recent upsurges in employee levels has enabled the reopening of churches able to combat the infections of atheism, humanism and evolution that have resulted in humanity's decline.

Pastor Paul S Burns

Adullam Christian Fellowship Church, Belfast

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