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Churches can play a key role in election

Congratulations to Martin O'Brien (Comment, May 8) on his timely and thoughtful article about the input of our churches during the election campaign.

With the increasing possibility that it will be direct rule from Westminster, rather than a Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont, that will decide new laws for same-sex marriage and the liberalising of abortion in Northern Ireland, it is important that there is both guidance from our churches and clarity from the various political parties.

Last week, it was confirmed that 5% of marriages in the Republic in 2016 were same sex. Sinn Fein campaigned in the Republic for same-sex marriage and the liberalising of abortion.

As this is also Sinn Fein policy in Northern Ireland, the churches could make a useful contribution on these moral subjects.

Voters should know what the policy is of each party, even if it is left to the individual conscience. Electors need more than rhetoric about the Union, or a united Ireland before deciding which party gets their votes.

Lord Kilclooney

Mullinure, Co Armagh

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