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City airport is sympathetic to noise concerns

Following Barney Gadd's letter regarding noise at George Best Belfast City Airport (Write Back, May 28), I would like to state some facts surrounding our operations which are sometimes lost.

George Best Belfast City Airport is one of the most restricted airports in Europe, with our opening hours and number of flights-per-year capped at 48,000 every year.

All future growth at the airport will be accommodated within the 48,000 cap and will never mean large-bodied aircraft using the airfield.

We are seeking the removal of the seats-for-sale limit, which relates directly to a terminal long since demolished.

While we accept that noise is an issue surrounding all airports, George Best Belfast City Airport adheres to and goes beyond all Government regulations surrounding noise. The airport has volunteered a noise-control cap, which is legally enforceable to protect the local community still further from noise. This is a first in Northern Ireland.


Commercial and marketing director

George Best Belfast City Airport

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