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City airport moaners are in cloud cuckoo land

I read with interest the concerns of residents of east Belfast about George Best Belfast City Airport. It is an economic reality to have an airport close to a city-centre.

I have lived under the flightpath of Belfast International Airport for many years. The more planes I see, the happier I am, because I know our economy is doing well.

Has it affected my kids? Definitely not. It has given them an interest in travel, technology and the business environment. Did it affect their study? No.

If the complainants of east Belfast cannot understand this and want to see the City Airport underdeveloped, then tell that to those who will lose their jobs.

Restrict flights at the City Airport? Fine, let's transfer all flights to Belfast International. It will be really good for taxis (but not so good for tourists). I am also sure residents who use the City Airport will be pleased to travel to Belfast International and pay the extra cost. I am awoken by planes at times, but no earlier than the dawn chorus from bluetits. Those protesting from east Belfast are living in cloud cuckoo land.

Where will Belfast be as a tourist and city-centre economy in 20 years without an airport close by? Short-term thinking will not solve our economic problems in times of austerity.

It is strange that those living near Belfast International do not complain about planes. I suspect us country folk know what side our bread is buttered.



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