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City council should bin another rubbish idea

Not content with bringing city centre traders to their knees at the beginning of this year, Belfast's lunatic councillors are at it again.

Apparently we the ratepayers have not enough intelligence to maximise recycling from our homes between a blue, brown and black bin and accordingly the council is proposing to waste millions on 'slimline bins' to force us to put more in our blue bins.

Did it not cross their minds that ratepayers with young families might be forced by this nonsense to put unsuitable material in the blue bin and thus contaminate and render valueless whole lorry loads of blue bin contents.

The current system is working well and should not be tampered with. It is disgustingly wasteful to destroy perfectly serviceable bins which are not recyclable and waste resources in manufacturing and supplying new smaller bins.

The council have been tardy for far too long on issuing up to date advice to householders and also on the question of the recycling bins accepting glass bottles and containers.

It is clear that the city council is awash with ratepayers' money and it can't wait to waste it.

I say if it ain't broke don't waste it – who votes for these wasters?

John Wilson


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