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City Hall flags dispute leaves me in despair

I watched in horror at what I witnessed on Monday evening.

Politicians elected to serve both communities and to take the country forward behaved in what can only be described as in a primary schoolchildren fashion where gangs appeared in the school yard, and if you weren't in a particular gang you suffered from bullying and isolation.

Northern Ireland/North of Ireland is not a country that is united. We are a nation that although sharing many Christian principles remains very damaged and separated over our culture and loyalties - if we feel we are British, Irish or Northern Irish.

Monday night made that very clear, when after weeks of yellow leaflets being printed with statements of "No Union Flags being flown again over City Hall" our politicians proceeded with a vote that they all knew would divide our people and city even further.

I listened to the politicians condemn the violence that happened, but none said they were sorry for lighting the fuse that brought the violence about, by the words they had uttered in the run-up to the crucial vote on Monday night.

As a Minister of the Gospel I felt like crying for the city I love so much and its people.

That day I had contacted individuals, churches and organisations towards helping me raise funds to assist families, pensioners individuals/homeless etc struggling over the Christmas period to feed themselves and their families, and had received great support from both communities.

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I was on a high, but my bubble was burst on Monday night.

Pastor Paul Burns

Adullam Christian Fellowship


Sandy Row


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