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City Hall snub shows Sinn Fein not about equality

The decision by the current Lord Mayor of Belfast, Niall O Donnghaile, to act in a disgraceful and discriminatory way, should neither be a surprise, nor unexpected.

Sinn Fein is an anti-British political party with a record of insulting and offending those with whom they disagree.

While they famously demand respect and tolerance from others, it is a matter of record that they are either unwilling, or unable, to reciprocate.

The most recent decision by O Donnghaile to withdraw from an awards ceremony because a 15-year-old female member of the Army Cadet Force was to receive an award highlights the consistency of Sinn Fein's approach to all things British and suggests their desire for an Ireland of equals is pure rhetoric. Like much of the recent DUP speeches on creating a single community, their actions will always speak louder than their words.

Consider Sinn Fein's response had a unionist Lord Mayor withdrawn halfway through a sports awards presentation because a member of the GAA was to be honoured. There would have been uproar. And rightly so.

Picking and choosing those to be honoured on the basis of political ideology reminds me of Hitler's refusal to present Olympic medals to black athletes at the 1936 Munich Olympic Games.

Such totalitarianism has no place in the new Belfast, or the new Northern Ireland.


Ballynahinch, Co Down


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