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Clarity, please, on pedestrian rights

I read with interest and dismay the reported incident (News, August 30) of Ms Mary McKeown being assaulted while crossing the road during a loyal order parade in Ballymena.

Some weeks ago, I crossed the road while a band parade was in progress on a Saturday afternoon in Bangor's Main Street.

The bandsmen had stopped, so I decided to cross through a wide gap left between the bands.

I was shouted at and a bandsman pulled me back by the arm, but I pulled away and proceeded to cross the road to get to my destination.

I had no interest in listening to or watching the parade, or for that matter, interfering with its procession. The incident was very unsettling.

There needs to be clarification from both the Parades Commission and PSNI as to what precisely the law is.

The Parades Commission, in giving permission for a parade to follow a particular route, surely does not unilaterally give it the automatic right to exclude pedestrians passing between the parade.


Bangor, Co Down


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