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Clegg has sold out genuine liberal voters

Prior to the elections, the Liberal Democrats argued that excessive spending cutbacks should be phased to prevent a recession and mass unemployment.

Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg campaigned vigorously against a VAT rise in the election campaign, warning of a Tory VAT “bombshell”.

Now Clegg has signed off an emergency Budget to increase VAT from 17.5% to 20% from January next year.

Liberals have always been |critical of VAT as a regressive tax hitting the spending income |of low-paid families and pensioners disproportionately hard.

With whole scale expenditure cutbacks and VAT rises that the |Lib Dems campaigned against |in the election, the farce of |this party must be exposed for all to see.

A recent survey by YouGov suggests 48% of people who voted Lib Dem would leave the party as a result of a VAT increase.

However it is vital that liberal voters should have a liberal |alternative.

We urge genuine liberals who joined the Social Democratic Party in the naive belief that the Lib Dems somehow would continue liberal belief and practice now to leave and return to their liberal roots by returning to us in The Liberal Party


Leader Liberal Party Group — Liverpool

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