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Clegg's anger at bankers shown up as artificial

It comes as no surprise the deputy prime minister and his colleagues within the Tory/Lib Dem coalition government talk tough on bankers' bonuses but are found wanting when it comes to action.

Nick Clegg's feelings of wanting to "wring the bankers' necks" but failing to act following the massive bonuses paid to senior financiers confirms his anger as artificial.

Mr Clegg well knows he has trouble with his party regarding the coalition.

The failure of David Cameron and Mr Clegg to address the issue makes a mockery of the government's propaganda message about all of us playing a part in solving the nation's debt problems.

The bankers have run rings round the coalition. No amount of conference bluster will convince the public otherwise. The city gamblers have walked away scot-free and will do so again.

It is the ordinary person in the street who is paying these unseemly dividends to moneymen who through their greed put our whole economy in extreme jeopardy.

For all those who are suffering from the cutbacks, job losses, increased costs and reduced incomes, Mr Clegg's political deceitfulness adds insult to injury. Perhaps those who trumpeted his endorsement at the last election, like the Alliance Party did, would like to apologise to the people of Northern Ireland.