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Clerics' narrow vision of Christ beyond satire

THAT was a ponderous, self-righteous and unfortunately comical letter from a group of clerics and church-workers who described themselves as "gravely" concerned about a play which imagined Jesus as a transgendered person.

What an outrage! How contrary to "traditional teaching" expressed in the "historic creeds"! What a flouting of "the historic Christian faith"!

The letter will have had the effect on some of confirming secular prejudices that Christians are obsessed with sexual matters to the detriment of all other issues.

For Heaven's sake there are children dying of starvation and multitudes weeping in anguish in this world! That's what should upset us; not the provocative image of Jesus in a dress.

And whilst one accepts that there may be sensitive Christian believers who regard theatrical portrayals of Jesus as objectionable, the correspondents go too far in suggesting that it will be regarded as offensive "by Christ himself".

This narrow vision of our Lord is beyond satire.

Wes Holmes


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