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'Clever' columnist has shown her ignorance

I'm sure Julie Burchill thinks it clever to be provocative, but I wish she'd think before putting pen to paper (Comment, September 9).

Condemning someone for joining the Hitler Youth when they could not possibly have grasped the magnitude of Hitler's plans is hardly reasonable.

I can only assume that all of Ms Burchill's decisions as a 14-year-old girl were wise and worldly.

Claiming that, for Catholics, "double-speak and duplicity are second nature" is a most despicable, generalising insult.

We have politicians, rather than a Pope to rule over us. Do their failings tar us all with the same brush?

One would think that in a democracy we are even more complicit, since we all have a hand in choosing our leaders.

I expect Ms Burchill is just crying out for the chance to take the blame for the expenses scandal, for example.

Finally, the point of Catholic absolution is that it is supposed to put an end to recrimination and violence by forcing people to admit to their sins in front of God, repent of them and promise never to commit them ever again. High-minded and unrealistic, perhaps, and I would agree that it is not always an appropriate way to deal with criminals.

But to suggest that absolution is just a free ticket to continue abusing children merely shows ignorance.


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